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Fire Alarm Systems

Smoke Detectors

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER136211Bosch SecurityD250ADetector Base, 6" $8.92Details
ER135047Bosch SecurityD261AWSmoke Detector Base, 12 V, 2 Wire, 6", White $10.57Details
ER136213Bosch SecurityD263Smoke Detector, Photoelectric, 2 Wire $35.21Details
ER1003865Bosch SecurityD263 KIT6 Ds-D263$224.81Details
ER1020651Bosch SecurityD263TH KIT6 Ds-D263Th$237.54Details
ER135152Bosch SecurityD265AWSmoke Detector Head, Photoelectric, 12 / 24 V $40.01Details
ER965130Bosch SecurityD273 KIT6 Ds-D273$230.47Details
ER135551Bosch SecurityD278SDetector Base, Addressable, 4 Wire, 12 V $28.92Details
ER135161Bosch SecurityD285DHSmoke Detector Head, Replacement, Photoelectric $40.01Details
ER136220Bosch SecurityD288Smoke Detector Base, 6", 2 Wire $8.74Details
ER135163Bosch SecurityD293ASmoke Detector Base, 4 Wire, Relay $21.19Details
ER135558Bosch SecurityD296Smoke Detector, Projected Beams, 24 V $558.72Details
ER135054Bosch SecurityD298MDetector Base, Master, 4 Wire, 24 V $34.18Details
ER135560Bosch SecurityD298SDetector Base, Single, 4 Wire, 24 V $28.92Details
ER135568Bosch SecurityD341Smoke Detector Housing, Air Duct, 4 Wire $86.52Details
ER136228Bosch SecurityD341PSmoke Detector Housing, Air Duct, Photoelectric He$120.53Details
ER135059Bosch SecurityD344-3Duct Sample Tube, 3' $9.10Details
ER136229Bosch SecurityD344-5Duct Sample Tube, 5' $9.10Details
ER135060Bosch SecurityD344-RTRemote Test Station, Duct $36.80Details
ER135386Bosch SecurityD7050Smoke Detector Head, Addressable, Photoelectric $48.81Details
ER135273Bosch SecurityD7050-B6Detector Base, 2 Wire $5.74Details
ER135605Bosch SecurityD7050DHSmoke Detector Replacement Head , Multiplex, Addre$49.22Details
ER135387Bosch SecurityD7050THSmoke Heat Detector Head, Addressable, Photoelectr$53.62Details
ER137049Bosch SecurityF220-B6Base, 2 Wire $8.14Details
ER137052Bosch SecurityF220-PSmoke Detector, Photoelectric $37.61Details
ER136415Bosch SecurityF220-PTHSmoke Detector, Photoelectric, 135 Degree Heat Sen$42.41Details
ER141441BRK Electronics3120BPe &Ion Combo Smoke Alarm/ 2 Aa Battery Backup$41.74Details
ER140231BRK Electronics7010BSLSmoke 120V W/Battery & Strobe$108.86Details
ER139282BRK Electronics7020BPhoto Electric Smoke Det W/Batt Bckup Escape Light$32.95Details
ER141443BRK Electronics9120ABAc Detector Backup Alkaline Battery$15.48Details
ER139283BRK Electronics9120B120Vac Ion Smoke Detector Ac Battery Backup$14.48Details
ER139284BRK Electronics9120B6CP9120B Bulk Contractors 6-Pack$74.93Details
ER141444BRK Electronics9120LBConventional Smoke Detector W/9V Lithium Batt Bkup$23.48Details
ER793501BRK Electronics9120LBL110V Smoke Alarm With Replaceable 10 Yr Lithium Ba$22.71Details
ER594941BRK ElectronicsFG250AB9V Alkaline Battery W/Silence$9.17Details
ER139288BRK ElectronicsFG250B9V Ion Smoke W/Silence&Tamper$8.71Details
ER139289BRK ElectronicsFG250LB9V Lithium Baterry W/Silence$18.16Details
ER594943BRK ElectronicsP1000Photoelectric Smoke Alarm$30.28Details
ER955031BRK ElectronicsP1010Atom 10Yr Sealed Micro Smoke Alarm$38.06Details
ER878523BRK ElectronicsPR700BPhoto Electric Battery Operated Smoke Detector$23.48Details
ER763653BRK ElectronicsPR710BLow Profile, 10-Yr Lithium Power, Tamperproof, Pho$35.88Details
ER954271BRK ElectronicsPRC700VBTalking W/Loctn,Silence,Low Bttry Silen,2 Aa Batt$57.10Details
ER773731BRK ElectronicsPRC710VBLow Profl 10Yr Lith Smk Alr Pe$64.34Details
ER140240BRK ElectronicsSA303BIonization Smoke Detector 9 Volt Battery Operated$11.65Details
ER140242BRK ElectronicsSA320BPhoto/Ion Smoke Alarm/Aa Battery Powered$28.77Details
ER1081403BRK ElectronicsSA3210Sngl Smk Pe & Ion Dual Snsr$59.37Details
ER139676BRK ElectronicsSA340BBattery Tamper Proof Lithium$26.51Details
ER908931BRK ElectronicsSA350BSealed Lith Pwr Cell,Tmprprf,Ionization Smokealrm$26.51Details
ER141455BRK ElectronicsSA511BPhoto Electric Smoke Alarm W/Battery Backup$38.06Details
ER139294BRK ElectronicsSA520BPhoto Electric Smoke Detector Wireless W/2 Aa Batt$41.74Details
ER594949BRK ElectronicsSA720CNEscape Light, Alkaline Battery, Clamshell Pkg.$26.51Details
ER877489BRK ElectronicsZCOMBO-GZ-Wave Wireless Smoke/Co Alarm Combo$53.45Details
ER142463CapricornSD290Smoke Detector Photo Electric With Transmitter$87.65Details
ER146886Commercial Product Group / CPGSLR24HPlug In Smoke Head W/Heat Detector$58.68Details
ER147638Commercial Product Group / CPGSLR835BH2W2 Wire Baseless Photo Heat Detector White$54.17Details
ER148593Cooper / Wheelock109212-004Heat Det 225 D. Hazerdous Cond$1,151.49Details
ER714893Cooper / WheelockHD1ULU275NNHeat Detector 270Degrees Natural Black Finish$1,211.89Details
ER1077389Detector Electronics / Det-Tronics000120-001Heat Det Vert Ss Hex 140F No$490.85Details
ER949720Detector Electronics / Det-Tronics004792-00330-2021E Ex Proof Uv Flame Det$3,576.65Details
ER609593Detector Electronics / Det-Tronics004924-002Kit, Explosionpoof Smoke Dete$6,902.77Details
ER936367Detector Electronics / Det-Tronics012500-014U5015 Xp Smoke Detectr 4Ports Non-Latch Relay3/4"$6,051.32Details
ER1084147Detector Electronics / Det-Tronics013580-001Pyrotector 30-3013 Smoke 3/4"$6,051.32Details
ER1027575Detector Electronics / Det-Tronics013580-005Pyrotector 30-3013 Class 1 Smoke M25 Latch$4,660.17Details
ER965672Detector Electronics / Det-Tronics013580-011Pyrotector 30-3013 Smoke 3/" Non Latch$4,660.17Details
ER953081Detector Electronics / Det-Tronics013580-015Pyrotector 30-3013 Smoke M25 Non Latch$4,660.17Details
ER1070780Detector Electronics / Det-Tronics028104-001X3301 3If Flame Detector 3/4 Npt$5,759.29Details
ER984812Detector Electronics / Det-Tronics028106-001X3301 3Ir Flame Detector Ss, 3/4Npt, Relay, Exd$6,713.01Details
ER931972Detector Electronics / Det-Tronics028247-001X3301S4M13T1 3Ir Flm Dtct Ss M25 Relay/0-20Ma Exde$7,310.63Details
ER935741Detector Electronics / Det-Tronics028258-006X3301A4N13W1 Alum. 3/4"Fault Relay Energized$5,908.39Details
ER1039989Edwards / GS Building Systems114PFINR1Strobe Flsh 24V Incands Red$57.59Details
ER152694Edwards / GS Building Systems2452THS-30-RHorn Strobe 30 Candella Temporal Red$58.58Details
ER808930Edwards / GS Building Systems511CSmoke Detector W/ Base 2 Wire$35.88Details
ER185353Edwards / GS Building Systems517TCSB-WWall Mt Smoke Detector W/Strobe$229.05Details
ER615724Edwards / GS Building Systems521BP/E 2-Wire Smoke Detector Wht$37.34Details
ER732804Edwards / GS Building Systems521BXTSmokedetctr,6-24Vdc,2Wr,Pe,Smrt Dual Fxd Ror&Clnme$40.99Details
ER883551Edwards / GS Building Systems541NCRXT4 Wire Photo/Heat Aux. Relay$45.38Details
ER615748Edwards / GS Building Systems711U2-Wire Photoelectric Type Smoke Detector 12/24Vdc$40.27Details
ER161033Edwards / GS Building SystemsCSBU3Edwards Smoke Dectector Base$11.57Details
ER152860Edwards / GS Building SystemsSC10U3BConventional Ionization Smoke Detector W$57.42Details
ER161082Edwards / GS Building SystemsSC30U-3BPhoto Electric Detector W/Base$56.38Details
ER615835Edwards / GS Building SystemsSDMAGDuct Detector Accessory,Magnet Test Kit$3.41Details
ER170172Edwards / GS Building SystemsSDTRM4Duct Detector Accessory,Remote Test/Rese$31.00Details
ER170173Edwards / GS Building SystemsV90060001013Photoelectric Smoke Detector*Eol In Cdn*$4,827.55Details
ER1080603Fire Detection DevicesCR200CWCombo Rate-Of-Rise &Amp; Fxd Temp$29.07Details
ER999008Fire Fighting Enterprises3000103Single Channel System Projected Beam Typ$625.76Details
ER1031835Fire Fighting Enterprises5000031Addt'L Detect Head And 1 Prism$419.90Details
ER154320Fire Fighting Enterprises5000103Fireray 5000 Reflective Beam Smk Det$617.53Details
ER1027777Fire-Lite / Honeywell30-3013Optical Smoke Detector Explosion Proof$4,550.49Details
ER186925Fire-Lite / HoneywellCMF300-66 Class B/3 Class A Nac Output Modules$359.21Details
ER349376Fire-Lite / HoneywellCP335Ion Smoke Detector$68.44Details
ER162894Fire-Lite / HoneywellSD355Address P/E Smoke Detector With Base$61.55Details
ER154652Fire-Lite / HoneywellSD355RPhoto Smoke Detector W/Rem Test$63.97Details
ER162895Fire-Lite / HoneywellSD355TAddress P/E Smoke Detector With Thermal$68.03Details
ER988423GE Security / UTC Fire & Security449CT10PKEsl 449Ct-10Pk Self Diagnostic$441.41Details
ER187994GE Security / UTC Fire & Security511CEsl 2-Wire Potelectric,8.5(Disco In Cdn)$31.57Details
ER443303GE Security / UTC Fire & Security521B6/24 Vdc 2 Wire Photo Smoke Det$33.52Details
ER188002GE Security / UTC Fire & Security521BXTEsl521Bxt 6/24 Vdc 2 Wire Phot$35.88Details
ER936862GE Security / UTC Fire & Security528B2 Wire P/E Smoke$32.85Details
ER952732GE Security / UTC Fire & Security541CNSRHEsl Smoke W/Heat, Aux &Amp; Relay$56.78Details
ER1050836GE Security / UTC Fire & Security541CXT10PKEsl 541Cxt 10 Pack Smoke Detec$431.77Details
ER624121GE Security / UTC Fire & Security541NBFire Smoke, Photo 6/12/24V Ul$44.73Details
ER1026951GE Security / UTC Fire & Security562NSTSentrol Photo Smoke Detector,$73.97Details
ER1046714GE Security / UTC Fire & Security562STEsl 562St 3V Dc Photoelectric$71.69Details
ER1056151GE Security / UTC Fire & Security608490295PK10***Eol****$905.89Details
ER960828GE Security / UTC Fire & Security721UG/E 2 Wire Fast Response Photoelectric$51.08Details
ER963850GE Security / UTC Fire & Security721UTEsl 721Ut P/E Fast Response$53.57Details
ER176073GE Security / UTC Fire & Security731UEsl 731U$58.27Details
ER1048521GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityTS74Ge Security,Fire Sensor,4 Wire,Photo,8.5$40.14Details
ER1047033Gentex7100** Eol **Gentex 7100 120 Vac Photoelect$33.55Details
ER987355Gentex7100F**Eol** Gentex Round Smoke Detector$38.93Details
ER1082630Gentex7100H**Eol** Gentex 7100H$39.59Details
ER1042489Gentex7100HF**Eol** Gentex 7100Hf 120 Vac Smoke W/$50.33Details
ER968319Gentex7100T**Eol ** Gentex 7100T Gentx Smoke W/$40.92Details
ER932196Gentex7100TF**Eol** Gentex 7100Tf Smoke Detector/$55.69Details
ER189316Gentex7103** Eol **Gentex 7103 Smoke Detector$33.55Details
ER1002028Gentex7103F**Eol** Gentex 7103F Replacement$38.93Details
ER1075168Gentex7103H**Eol** Gentex 7103H 120 Vac Smoke Ala$39.59Details
ER939719Gentex7109CSC** Eol ** Gentex 7109Cs-C$119.21Details
ER965127Gentex7109CSW**Eol** Gentex 7109Cs-W 120Vac P/E$119.21Details
ER1036589Gentex7109CSXW**Eol** Gentex 110 Volt Smoke/Strobe$119.21Details
ER171962Gentex710CSW**Eol** Gentex 710Csw Smoke Detector,$104.31Details
ER1042970Gentex710F** Eol **Gentex Square Smoke Detector$38.93Details
ER1044645Gentex710H**Eol** Gentex 710H Square Smoke$39.59Details
ER986900Gentex710HF**Eol** Vac Square Smoke Det$50.33Details
ER189321Gentex710TF** Eol ** Gentex 710Tf Smoke Square$55.69Details
ER189322Gentex7139CSCGentex 7139Csc Smoke Det.W/Bk$119.21Details
ER171964Gentex7139CSWPe 177Cd Temp Wall Frm A120/9V$119.21Details
ER171965Gentex7139LSGentex 120 Volt Smoke W/Strobe$132.82Details
ER966893Gentex713CSW**Eol** Gentex 713Csw 120V Smoke W/$104.31Details
ER1058148Gentex713CSXW**Eol ** Photoelectric Smoke Dectector$104.31Details
ER944381Gentex713LS120Vac Smoke Alarm,9' Line Cord$126.98Details
ER1039353Gentex7200HGentex 220V Smoke Detector W/$50.99Details
ER992638Gentex7203TGentex 220 Volt Smoke Detector$49.66Details
ER171972Gentex8100Gentex 8100$56.09Details
ER1060992Gentex8100P**Eol** Gentex 8100P$56.62Details
ER935873Gentex8100PTPe 135F Ht Frm A&C Latch 120V$57.24Details
ER171975Gentex8100TGentex 8100T Photoelectric Sys$56.62Details
ER166225Gentex8100YGentex 8100Y 120Vac 4 Wire P/E$56.09Details
ER177196Gentex8103P120Vac P/E Smk Dtctr Temp Sndr$56.62Details
ER716661Gentex8103PHPe Iso Ht Temp Frm A&C$62.20Details
ER166226Gentex8103PYPe Temp Fm A&C Nonlatch 120Vch$56.62Details
ER171976Gentex8240Gentex 8240 24V Sysytem Smoke$45.25Details
ER1074876Gentex8240P**Eol** Gentex 8240P P/E System$54.82Details
ER1049025Gentex8240PH**Eol** Gentex 8240Ph P/E System Detec$58.48Details
ER985733Gentex8240PT**Eol** Gentex 8240Pt 4 Wire P/E 24Vdc$57.85Details
ER941832Gentex8240PY**Eol** Gentex 8240Py Smoke$54.82Details
ER177201Gentex8240T24Vdc Pe Smoke Detector, 135 Degree Inte$46.54Details
ER189328Gentex8243P24Vdc Photo Smk Temp Sndr Cod3$54.82Details
ER189329Gentex8243PHY24V P/E Temp.Isoltd Ht N-Ltch$58.48Details
ER166229Gentex8243PY24Vdc 4 Wire W/ Tmprl 3 Sndr$54.82Details
ER166246Gentex909-0133-002Dc Battery Photoelectric Smoke Alarm$57.27Details
ER171988Gentex909-0134-002Dc Battery Photoelectric Smoke Alarm W/Thermal$54.92Details
ER973818Gentex9120** Eol ** Gentex 9120 120Vac W/ 9V Bttry$42.28Details
ER962849Gentex9120F**Eol ** Gentex 9120F 120Vac W 9V Bttry$45.63Details
ER1039955Gentex9120H**Eol** Gentex 9120H 120 Vac Battery$46.98Details
ER928842Gentex9120HF**Eol** Gentex 9120Hf Smoke Detector/$55.02Details
ER982769Gentex9120T**Eol**Gentex 9120T Smoke Detector/$48.31Details
ER1045650Gentex9120TF**Eol** Gentex 9120Tf Photo Thermal$59.61Details
ER177212Gentex9123Gentex 9123 120Vac, 9Vdc Bttry$42.28Details
ER189344Gentex9123FPe Smk Detect 120V 9V Bat Bkup$45.63Details
ER171990Gentex9123HPhto Smk 120V Isolatd 135 Heat W/ 9V Bat$46.98Details
ER189345Gentex9123TGentex With Thermal And Relay$48.31Details
ER177214Gentex9123TFGentex 9123Tf Thermal Photoel-$59.61Details
ER189351Gentex9223220Vac/9Vdc Photoelectric Smoke Detector$53.01Details
ER166253Gentex9223F220V Smoke Alarm, Temporal Sound, With R$57.03Details
ER166287GentexGN303Temprl Fndr 120 Vac/9 Vol Smoke Detec$30.20Details
ER166288GentexGN503FCombination Smoke /Co Detector 120Vac$67.39Details
ER311693GentexGN503FF120Vac/9Vdc Single/Multiple Station Smok$73.85Details
ER957285GRI TelemarkHTP101High Temp Rem Prob F/Thermstat 4$30.59Details
ER630228Hochiki America0200-017858-35 Vdc, Photo Smoke Detector, White (Single)Call for Price.Details
ER1015562Hochiki America0200-04940Alk-D Pe Smoke Sensor F/Dh-99 Analog Duct DetectrCall for Price.Details
ER630265Hochiki AmericaDH-99A0200-05940 - Analog Duct Detector (Requires Sampling Tube)Call for Price.Details
ER179590Hochiki AmericaSLR-24H 0200-01770 - 24 Vdc, Photoelectric & 135 Degree Heat Detector HeadCall for Price.Details
ER923212Hochiki AmericaSLR24VN 0200-04005Det Smk Slr-24VnCall for Price.Details
ER630470Hochiki AmericaSLR-835 / 0200-017838-35 Vdc, Photo Smoke Detector, Bone (Single)Call for Price.Details
ER630471Hochiki AmericaSLR-835B-2 PN#0200-017918-35Vdc Smoke Det, Baseless, Bone 2 WireCall for Price.Details
ER630472Hochiki AmericaSLR-835B-2W PN#0200-018118-35Vdc Smoke Det,White 2 Wire, Photoelec BaselessCall for Price.Details
ER630473Hochiki AmericaSLR-835B-4 PN#0200-018018-35Vdc Smoke Det, Baseless, Bone 4-WireCall for Price.Details
ER630474Hochiki AmericaSLR-835B-4W PN#0200-018218-35Vdc Smoke Det, Baseless, White 4-WireCall for Price.Details
ER630475Hochiki AmericaSLR-835BH-2 PN# 0200-038148-35Vdc Smoke Det,Baseless W/Heat,Bone 2 WireCall for Price.Details
ER630476Hochiki AmericaSLR-835BH-2W VP# 0200-03813Call for Price.Details
ER310370Hochiki AmericaSLR-835BH-4 0200-038128-35Vdc Smoke Det, Baseless W/Heat Bone 4-WireCall for Price.Details
ER630477Hochiki AmericaSLR-835BH-4W PN#0200-038118-35Vdc Smoke Det, Baseless W/Heat White 4-WireCall for Price.Details
ER630480Hochiki AmericaSLV-24VSlv-24V Det Smoke Conventional (No Reed)Call for Price.Details
ER1033620InovonicsES1242Echostream Wireless Battery Operated Ph$117.11Details
ER1021752InovonicsFA202**Eol** Fa202 Xmtr, Smoke$158.72Details
ER194440Insite Video Systems2755CLR-HIRESColor Hi Res Smoke Detector W/Adjust Cam&6Mm Lens$372.22Details
ER461591Kidde0914EIonization Type Smoke Alarm, Runs On 9V Battery$10.32Details
ER944744Kidde0915EBattery Operated Smoke Detector$10.28Details
ER203466Kidde0916EIonization Smoke Detector Almond 9 Volt W/Hush$10.65Details
ER270926Kidde0918E9V With Safety Light$19.68Details
ER222990Kidde21006373Smoke Alarm, 12V,Bulk Pack 6$68.58Details
ER203474Kidde21006932Smi2060 Smoke Alarm 36 Pcs Bulk Pack Hardwired Ion$14.65Details
ER222995Kidde21007385Battery Operated 9 Volt Photo Smoke Alarm$32.20Details
ER937057Kidde21007624Ac/Dc Wire-In Photoelectric Smoke/Co$76.12Details
ER915750Kidde21010047Co, C3010D, Wm,$65.03Details
ER636508Kidde21010064P3010L P/E Li-Battery Smoke Alarm$35.88Details
ER636509Kidde21010069P3010H Pe 10Yr Sealed Battery Smoke Alarm$49.78Details
ER752634Kidde21010408-N120V Combo Ion/Co Smoke Alarm W/ Battery Backup$63.62Details