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Fire Alarm Systems

Accessory Devices

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER112302Advanced Technology Video / ATVPSPVM23Pwr Spply F/23" Monitor$100.42Details
ER114009Alarm ControlsEXP15Momentary Action Panic$1,000.90Details
ER114010Alarm ControlsEXP25Latching Action Panic$1,108.43Details
ER114068Alarm ControlsRP26ASSlim Line Aunnunciator$16.22Details
ER115517Alarm ControlsZA-8NZone Annunciator, 8-Zone, Normally Open, Normally$333.08Details
ER117051Alarm SafBN10-000-ULBeacon Components, Power Supply Board, 12-24 Vdc,$354.91Details
ER582848Alarm SafBN10-002-PD8-ULPower Mgmt, Beacon, 12-24 Vdc, 10 Amps, 8 Ptc Powe$477.25Details
ER116682Alarm SafCMB8FAccessory, Power Module, (4) Controlled Relays & ($198.12Details
ER583055Alpha Communications8010337Tone Board For A-4448-1 Annunc Special O$256.20Details
ER118046Alpha CommunicationsA40066 Zone Vis. Annunciator-3 Gang$458.74Details
ER359872Alpha CommunicationsA4010M10 Zone Visual Annunciator--Ul Comes Wit$493.25Details
ER388017Alpha CommunicationsA4020M20 Zone Visual Annunciator Ul$672.03Details
ER388018Alpha CommunicationsA4030TG30 Zone Visual Annunciator--Ul$678.60Details
ER583058Alpha CommunicationsA4448148 Zone Annunciator-Red L.E.D. Special O$1,300.38Details
ER1052711Alpha CommunicationsB5248AA-4800 System Power Supply+Bbu-8A$1,118.47Details
ER117546AltronixAL1024ULACMJPower Supply-Charger, 24 Vdc @ 8 Amp, Al1024Ulacm$318.79Details
ER119012AltronixAL1042ULADANac Extender, 10 Amp @ 24 Vdc, Compatible W/ Class$343.29Details
ER118943AltronixAL300ULMFIDAltronix Al300Ulmfid 12/24 Dc$225.55Details
ER117562AltronixAL300ULMRFIDAltronix Al300 Power Supply W/$225.94Details
ER117566AltronixAL300ULXRPwr Suppl/ Chgr 12/24V 2.5 Amp. Power Supply / Charger. 12/24Vdc 2.5 Amp. W/ Enclosure. Ul Listed Access/Fire Control$158.38Details
ER118952AltronixAL400ULACMCBR8 Ptc Out W/Acc Mod 12/24V @4A$230.47Details
ER118954AltronixAL400ULMFIDAltronix Al400Ulmfid 12/24 Dc$250.82Details
ER119028AltronixAL400ULMRPwr Spply/Chrgr 12/24Vdc 4 Amp. Power Supply / Charger. 24Vdc 3 Amp. W/ Enclosure. Five Outputs$203.43Details
ER118958AltronixAL400ULXRPwr Spply/Charger 12/24V 4 Amp. Power Supply / Charger. 24Vdc 3 Amp. W/ Enclosure. Ul Listed Access Control$167.11Details
ER119044AltronixAL600ULMFIDAltronix Al600Ulmfid Old$326.82Details
ER117915AltronixAL600ULXFIDAltronix Al600Ulx 6 Amp Power$283.24Details
ER118968AltronixAL600ULXPD16CBPower Supply-Charger, 12 Vdc Or 24 Vdc @ 6 Amp, Al$259.38Details
ER117917AltronixAL600ULXRPwr Supply/ Chrgr 12/24V 6 Amp. Power Supply / Charger. 12/24Vdc 6 Amp. W/ Enclosure. Ul Listed Access Control$224.51Details
ER852874AltronixAL601ULB**Eol** Al601Ulb Power Supply$137.68Details
ER117919AltronixAL602LGKAltronix Logic Board$263.60Details
ER117920AltronixAL602ULADANac Power Extender. Power Supply / Charger. 12/24Vdc 8.5 Amp. W/ Enclosure. Input To Output Follower Mode$254.29Details
ER118659AltronixAL62412CXPower Supply-Charger, Linear Kit Includes: Al624,$55.39Details
ER768009AltronixAL800LGK9ELogic Brd Al602/802/1002Ulada$263.60Details
ER119134AltronixALX3BAltronix Board F/Power Supply$75.32Details
ER119331AltronixSMP7MOD5Altronix 6Amp Power Supply 5$99.28Details
ER122392Applied Wireless / AWIDPS12-1ALinear, Regulated Plug In Transformer (1$56.69Details
ER134951Bosch SecurityD125BInitiating Module, Dual, 12 / 24 V $38.06Details
ER135527Bosch SecurityD127Reversing Relay Module $59.71Details
ER135017Bosch SecurityD129Circuit Module, Dual Initiating , Fire, Loop, Clas$67.50Details
ER135018Bosch SecurityD132AReversing Relay, For D263Ths $34.18Details
ER134955Bosch SecurityD133Relay Module, 2 Amp, 12 Vdc $16.38Details
ER135534Bosch SecurityD192GModule, Notification Circuit Module, 12 Vdc $64.51Details
ER135176Bosch SecurityD370CDoor Holder, Electromagnetic, Wall Mount, 12 / 110$58.71Details
ER135177Bosch SecurityD371CDoor Holder, Electromagnetic, Floor Mount, 12 / 11$83.44Details
ER135571Bosch SecurityD372CBackbox, Chrome, For Door Holder $18.63Details
ER135062Bosch SecurityD373CExtension Rod, 1", Chrome, 5 Pk $29.80Details
ER135066Bosch SecurityD378Extension Rod Wrench $8.14Details
ER135335Bosch SecurityD5360Direct Connect Module $59.71Details
ER136256Bosch SecurityD7035Relay Board, Remote Octal $89.62Details
ER135380Bosch SecurityD7035BRelay Module, Remote Octal, Mounting Skirt, Fire E$97.34Details
ER135286Bosch SecurityD8108AEnclosure, Attach Resistant $69.91Details
ER135287Bosch SecurityD8109Enclosure, Fire, Red, Ul $43.50Details
ER135288Bosch SecurityD8109-1358Fire Enclosure, Red, 1358, Ul Listed $43.50Details
ER135289Bosch SecurityD8109GEnclosure, Fire, Grey $43.50Details
ER135401Bosch SecurityD8130Release Module $64.89Details
ER135657Bosch SecurityDSM-12/24-RModule, Synchronization, 12 Vdc Or 24 Vdc, Class A$95.03Details
ER136089Bosch SecurityFMM-100WPBB-RBack Box, Outdoor, Red $48.01Details
ER136625Bosch SecurityP105FEol Resistor, 1 K, 1/2 W *Pack Of 8* $6.34Details
ER868965Buffalo AmericasOPPU2RZ3YBuffalo Replacement Power Supply For Ter$590.90Details
ER607539Cooper / WheelockNPSB020Push Button Blue Wording: Tornado$73.30Details
ER154775Cooper / WheelockPS-6-EPower Supply Filtered Regulated 240Vac 6A Red Can$487.03Details
ER859810Cooper / WheelockPS-8-B-LPPower Supply, Powerpath Series, Battery Charger, 1$431.98Details
ER769398Cooper / WheelockPS-8-LPPs-8-Lp Fltrd/Regulated Pwr Supply/Charger,24Vdc,R$431.98Details
ER154776Cooper / WheelockPSEXPExpansion To The Power Supply Ps-8 Or Ps$118.13Details
ER149169Cooper / WheelockPSX12248MP*Eol* For The Power Supply$391.20Details
ER149170Cooper / WheelockPSX248MCBoard For Power Supply$391.20Details
ER316322Cooper / WheelockPSX-LOGAccessory, Replacement Logic Board, For Ps-6 Or Ps$256.68Details
ER154779Cooper / WheelockPSX-PSAccessory, Replacement Power Supply Board, 120 Vol$323.27Details
ER181309Cooper / WheelockRPS2440Wheelock Rps-2440 24Vdc, 4A,$231.85Details
ER154842Cooper / WheelockSPBPS-XPower Supply Board, For Spb160 Or Spb-80/4 Safepat$593.26Details
ER181374Cooper / WheelockSPBX804Repl Board To Spb-80/4$952.15Details
ER159897DSI / Designed SecurityES600717Es600 Series Custom Zone Annunciator$272.11Details
ER184645DSI / Designed SecurityES610Annunciator, 4-Zone Annunciator, Single Gang $211.41Details
ER152089DSI / Designed SecurityES611Annunciator, 4-Zone, Single Gang, W/ Shunt $268.89Details
ER159898DSI / Designed SecurityES614Annunciator, 4-Zone, 2-Gang, W/ Supervision $288.79Details
ER1025878DSI / Designed SecurityES616Modified 4 Zone Annunciator Follow Point$307.37Details
ER159899DSI / Designed SecurityES620Annunciator, 8-Zone, 2-Gang $350.49Details
ER732661DSI / Designed SecurityES620OLGR8 Zone Annunciator With N/C Inputs$1,294.95Details
ER152091DSI / Designed SecurityES621Annunciator, 8-Zone, 2-Gang, W/ Shunt $403.24Details
ER159901DSI / Designed SecurityES622Annunciator, 8-Zone, 3-Gang, W/ Normally Open Rela$506.06Details
ER739502DSI / Designed SecurityES622FZGR8 Zone Annunciator With N/C Inputs$624.11Details
ER184650DSI / Designed SecurityES624Annunciator, 8-Zone, 3-Gang, W/ Supervision $467.61Details
ER152093DSI / Designed SecurityES630Anniciator, 12-Zone, 3-Gang $457.78Details
ER166139DSI / Designed SecurityES631Annunciator, 12-Zone, 3-Gang, W/ Shunt $562.39Details
ER152107DSI / Designed SecurityES760Q2P1Es760 Series Knee Space Unit$206.02Details
ER152685Edwards / GS Building Systems2000SCPSReg Pwr Sply 24Vac Sys Clock$337.06Details
ER152687Edwards / GS Building Systems2030X402Edwards Audio Power Supply F/$1,586.44Details
ER160924Edwards / GS Building Systems343AM1Vibrating Buzzer 75V Dc$146.25Details
ER185373Edwards / GS Building Systems598YTri-Tap Trnsfrmr 240V To 8/16/24V$38.90Details
ER160985Edwards / GS Building Systems7160210013-Zone English Pcb/Overlay$178.16Details
ER831014Edwards / GS Building SystemsANSBKUP(Ansbkup) Audio Evacuation Accessory, Ba$130.12Details
ER783841Edwards / GS Building SystemsANSBKUPAAudio Evacuation Accessory, Backup Ampli$130.12Details
ER350794Edwards / GS Building SystemsB8322P1000Electro-Mechanical Telecode Relay$276.30Details
ER314196Edwards / GS Building SystemsBC1RBattery Cab Up To 40Ah Max Red$156.35Details
ER314193Edwards / GS Building SystemsCTMFire Alarm Communicator, Fireworx, City$92.65Details
ER725706Edwards / GS Building SystemsD16LFARemote Annuciator, Led, 16-Zone, 2-Led'S$75.63Details
ER185427Edwards / GS Building SystemsEFS302GD*Eol* Fa Panel W/Dial Gry$441.23Details
ER185428Edwards / GS Building SystemsEFSC1004GFire Panel 10 Zone Gray$600.32Details
ER185448Edwards / GS Building SystemsF-DACTDual Line Dialer, E-Fs, E-Fsc$187.96Details
ER615800Edwards / GS Building SystemsFSRA10Led Annunciator For E-Fsc 10 Zone$245.80Details
ER170156Edwards / GS Building SystemsFSRSIEdwards Remote Indicator$48.67Details
ER350775Edwards / GS Building SystemsFSRZI-SARem Alrm/Sup Indi For E-Fsc$52.43Details
ER849245Edwards / GS Building SystemsFXIDC1BModule Input/Output, Mini 1-Input Class$48.67Details
ER788569Edwards / GS Building SystemsFXRLYModule Aux. Relay, 1-Form C$66.30Details
ER170164Edwards / GS Building SystemsMR201/CAuxilary Relay With Enclosure$28.09Details
ER829102Edwards / GS Building SystemsRLCDCRemote Annunciator,Lcd$348.51Details
ER314168Edwards / GS Building SystemsRLCD-CRRemote Ann W/Cc For E-Fsa,Red$348.51Details
ER350763Edwards / GS Building SystemsRLCDRRemote Annunciator, Lcd$331.13Details
ER419118Edwards / GS Building SystemsRLEDRemote Led Annunciator, Fire$17.53Details
ER615833Edwards / GS Building SystemsRLED24Remote Annunciator, Led Expander For Lcd$253.02Details
ER813152Edwards / GS Building SystemsRLED24RRemote Annunciator, Led Expander$253.02Details
ER874991Edwards / GS Building SystemsRLEDCRemote Annunciator, Led, 16-Zone. Includ$278.81Details
ER763263Edwards / GS Building SystemsRLEDCRRemote Annunciator, Led, 16-Zone$278.81Details
ER170166Edwards / GS Building SystemsRTU4ZAEdwards Rtu4Za Remote Annuncia$79.45Details
ER898278Edwards / GS Building SystemsS2524**Eol**25 Watt 24V Dc Power$117.69Details
ER419120Edwards / GS Building SystemsSACLAFire Alarm Control Accessory$72.28Details
ER350760Edwards / GS Building SystemsSA-DACTDual Line Dact/Modem For E-Fss$187.96Details
ER314160Edwards / GS Building SystemsXAL127127 Pt Loop Expdrr Module For Fx-254$528.71Details
ER185638EnerSysNP2412FR24 Amp 12 V Fire Retardant$107.14Details
ER616545ESD / Electronic Security DevicesLP-2Power Supply / Charger Module, Linear, Selectable$31.09Details
ER616636ESD / Electronic Security DevicesPDD-4EST35-18 Vdc, 4 Outputs, Adjustable 3 Amps, 8"X9"X3.5"$103.86Details
ER616638ESD / Electronic Security DevicesPDD-8ACIDistribution Module, 8 Individually Controlled, Is$120.06Details
ER616639ESD / Electronic Security DevicesPDD-8ACIC8 Individually Controlled, Circ Uit Breaker Output$120.06Details
ER616641ESD / Electronic Security DevicesPDD-8PCIDistribution Module, 8 Outputs Supervised Access /$66.03Details
ER616646ESD / Electronic Security DevicesPW-1Accessory, Power Watch One, Battery Test & Cutoff$32.34Details
ER616669ESD / Electronic Security DevicesRT-1HDRelay, 12-24 Vdc, Spdt High Current Relay, 40 Amp$15.63Details
ER616671ESD / Electronic Security DevicesRT-24Relays, 4 Rt-2 On 1 Break Apart Board $39.16Details
ER616709ESD / Electronic Security DevicesSPS-20Power Supply / Charger Module, On-Board Transforme$225.14Details
ER616714ESD / Electronic Security DevicesSPS-20ELC16P/S / Charger, Sps-20El W/ 2 Pdm-8C Circuit Breake$339.81Details
ER956245Evax SystemsDPS25PDistributed Panel, Single Channel, 25 Wa$2,758.97Details
ER312908Fire Fighting Enterprises1000021F-2000 Detector Wire Protective Cage For$48.65Details
ER186867Fire-Lite / Honeywell12043Fire-Lite Microfuse, 2 Amp$4.69Details
ER186875Fire-Lite / Honeywell411Fire-Lite 411 Communicator$202.47Details
ER174296Fire-Lite / Honeywell411RKFire-Lite Relay For 411Udac$20.82Details
ER186876Fire-Lite / Honeywell411UDFire-Lite 411Ud Up/Downloadble$268.86Details
ER186877Fire-Lite / Honeywell411UDACFire Alarm Comm (Slv Or Stnd Aln)$303.00Details
ER154332Fire-Lite / Honeywell4XLMFFire-Lite 4Xlmf Driver For Rza$70.46Details
ER162790Fire-Lite / Honeywell4XMMFFire-Lite Meter Module For$107.72Details
ER174298Fire-Lite / Honeywell4XTMFReverse Polarity Module$87.46Details
ER174299Fire-Lite / Honeywell4XZMFFirelite 4Xzmf Relay Module$82.61Details
ER162799Fire-Lite / HoneywellABF1DFF.Lite Annunciator Semi-Flush$129.97Details
ER162800Fire-Lite / HoneywellABF1FAnnunicator Flush Box,1 Mod$110.96Details
ER154344Fire-Lite / HoneywellABF2FFlush Annunciator Box (2)$138.88Details
ER154345Fire-Lite / HoneywellABS1FAbs-1F Annun Surface Mounting$52.84Details
ER186890Fire-Lite / HoneywellABS2FFire-Lite Abs-2F Annun Surface$76.12Details
ER810413Fire-Lite / HoneywellACM32AF*Eol* Annunciator Control$377.96Details
ER154352Fire-Lite / HoneywellACM8RFFirelite Acm-8Rf Relay Module$259.16Details
ER162812Fire-Lite / HoneywellAEM16ATFClearance Aem-16Atf Annunciatr$381.10Details
ER154353Fire-Lite / HoneywellAEM32AFAnnun Xpndr Module$338.91Details
ER162814Fire-Lite / HoneywellAM1Firelite Ammeter 0-10 Amps F/$34.39Details
ER186899Fire-Lite / HoneywellANN80Lcd Annuciator Panels$274.53Details
ER174324Fire-Lite / HoneywellANNIOInput/Output Module For Driving Graphic$280.20Details
ER174325Fire-Lite / HoneywellANNLEDAnnun Module, 10 Input Zones, Alarm$269.68Details
ER186900Fire-Lite / HoneywellANN-RLEDAnnunciator Module 10 Input Zones Alarm Red$269.68Details
ER154356Fire-Lite / HoneywellANNRLY10 Relay Board, Mounts In Common Enclosu$192.74Details
ER154357Fire-Lite / HoneywellANN-SB80KIT-RBack Box Surface Mount Red$29.51Details
ER186903Fire-Lite / HoneywellB224RBFirelite Adds Smk Det Relay Bs$42.78Details
ER162821Fire-Lite / HoneywellBB55FBattery Backbox, Red.$226.76Details
ER174332Fire-Lite / HoneywellBB-6FCab,F/Mntng Up To 6 Mlt Module$174.93Details
ER162834Fire-Lite / HoneywellCHG120FFire-Lite Chg120F Battery$654.41Details
ER186923Fire-Lite / HoneywellCHG75Fire-Lite Charger 75Amp$445.11Details
ER162835Fire-Lite / HoneywellCHS4LChassis, Low Profile, For Mounting The A$68.03Details
ER174342Fire-Lite / HoneywellCHS6Chassis,Holds Up To Six Multi-Modules In The Bb-6F$42.78Details
ER154377Fire-Lite / HoneywellCRF300Control Relay$71.27Details
ER186927Fire-Lite / HoneywellCRF3006Fire-Lite Six Relay Module$346.74Details
ER162840Fire-Lite / HoneywellDACTUD2Upload / Download Digital Alarm$259.16Details
ER154382Fire-Lite / HoneywellFCPS-24FS6Firelite 24 Volt Power Supply$353.76Details
ER154383Fire-Lite / HoneywellFCPS24FS8Firelite Remote Pwr Sply/Sgnl$409.20Details
ER174356Fire-Lite / HoneywellFCPS-24S8RBReplacement Board For The Fl-Fcps24Fs8$335.80Details
ER162848Fire-Lite / HoneywellFCPSMFirelite Fcpsm 120Vac 60Hz$282.80Details
ER790909Fire-Lite / HoneywellFMM1**Eol**Module Monitor Fs$60.51Details
ER154390Fire-Lite / HoneywellHP300ULX2.5 Amp 12/24 Vdc Power Supply Encl$160.35Details
ER442285Fire-Lite / HoneywellHPFF12Hpff12 Nac Supply$619.44Details
ER811126Fire-Lite / HoneywellHTP12DC100012 Vdc/1000Ma Plug In Regulated 2.1Mm C$20.82Details
ER154403Fire-Lite / HoneywellI300Fire-Lite I300 Isolator Module$58.30Details
ER918235Fire-Lite / HoneywellISO66 Isolator Module -- Required For Style$295.20Details
ER154409Fire-Lite / HoneywellIZ4FClearance Iz-4F Initiating Zn$172.75Details
ER186966Fire-Lite / HoneywellLCD80F80 Character Lcd Remote**Eol In Cdn**$431.45Details
ER845769Fire-Lite / HoneywellLCD80FC80 Character Lcd Annun$590.37Details
ER162865Fire-Lite / HoneywellLDM32F*Eol* Driver Annunciator Ctrl Mod$334.23Details
ER186967Fire-Lite / HoneywellLDMCBL2424" Lamp Driver Annun Led Cable$108.51Details
ER174375Fire-Lite / HoneywellLDM-CBL48Frlt Lmp Dsply Mod Cbls 48"Lng$121.48Details
ER174376Fire-Lite / HoneywellLDM-E32FFrlt Lmp Dsply Mod Xpndr 32 Zn$278.59Details
ER174379Fire-Lite / HoneywellMCBL7Fire-Lite Mcbl-7 Dact Phone$8.33Details
ER186971Fire-Lite / HoneywellMMF-300-1010 Class B/5 Class A Montr Mod$420.14Details
ER162869Fire-Lite / HoneywellMMF302Firelite Mmf302 Monitor Mod$93.93Details
ER186972Fire-Lite / HoneywellMMF30266 Class B/3 Class A 2 Wire Detector Module$441.99Details
ER186973Fire-Lite / HoneywellMP12TAFirelite Mp12Ta 12V Ac Trans.$49.91Details
ER174381Fire-Lite / HoneywellMPAC12Firelite Mp/Ac-12 Aux Relay Mo$40.26Details
ER930719Fire-Lite / HoneywellMPS24BRBFReplacement Power Supply Board$276.91Details
ER174382Fire-Lite / HoneywellMR101CRFire-Lite Mr-101Cr Relay, Form$29.51Details
ER174383Fire-Lite / HoneywellMR-199X-14CFirelite Relay, Dpdt, 120Vac,$71.27Details
ER174384Fire-Lite / HoneywellMR-201/CRRelay Dpdt In Metal Enclosure$31.03Details
ER186977Fire-Lite / HoneywellMS-10UD-710 Zone Conventional Panel With Communicator$836.22Details
ER622948Fire-Lite / HoneywellMS10UD7EAssy,Fnl,Ms-10Ud W/Flps-7,Exp$834.71Details
ER174399Fire-Lite / HoneywellNACREMNtfctn Applnce Crct Rly Xpndr$212.17Details
ER162884Fire-Lite / HoneywellPAM1Fire-Lite Pam-1 10 Amp Relay$12.98Details
ER924035Fire-Lite / HoneywellPR1Multi-Voltage Relay$14.80Details
ER174408Fire-Lite / HoneywellRTM-8FFrlt Plgin Rly Xmtr Opt Mod$273.74Details
ER154435Fire-Lite / HoneywellRZA4XFFire-Lite Rza-4Xf Remote Annun$76.12Details